While travelling, call cheaper
Business user solutions
Group account:For customers with multiple TravelSIMs it is very convinient for individual TravelSIMs to automatically topup from single joint account. Now you only have to pay attention to one account not to get empty.

Send free SMS: sign in to your account and send SMS free of charge from your computer to any TravelSIM number. You can keep in touch with your coworkers this way. Your savings can be even higher.

Locate your card: a convinient solution for e.g. transport companies. You can check location of your TravelSIM and hence your truck via website. Accuracy is limited to the size of a mobile base station.
Big savings, cutting edge technology
With your local number you can receive and make calls via your personal moble number
Skype users with no Sykpe credit can call your TarvelSIM free of charge
No more huge bills for internet
Control costs. No contract, subscription or binding
Top up you account via handset or automatically
Coroporate account is a convinent solution for multiple cards

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