While travelling, call cheaper
90% savings with mobile data
With TravelSIM you save with data roaming as well!
In some countries where other mobile operators charge 10 €/MB or even more you can pay 0,7 €/MB (e.g. Turkey, Russia, USA, Australia, Croatia ...).
You will save not only because of low tariffs but also because of low cahrging interval! Mayority of mobile operators charge data roaming in 100 KB increments, but not TravelSIM. TravelSIM it has only 10KB charging interval. Compare TravelSIM and your operator data roaming rates.

Big savings, cutting edge technology
With your local number you can receive and make calls via your personal moble number
Skype users with no Sykpe credit can call your TarvelSIM free of charge
No more huge bills for internet
Control costs. No contract, subscription or binding
Top up you account via handset or automatically
Coroporate account is a convinent solution for multiple cards

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