While travelling, call cheaper
Keep your personal mobile number
Outgoing calls:
You can change outgoing number via web site. Outgoing number is displayed to others when you call them. You can make your personal number to be displayed when you call others so they will know immediatelly you are calling them. You can change your outgoing number via your web account once a week.
Service is free of charge.

Incoming calls:
Just forward your calls from your mobile number to TravelSIM. This way you will recive all your calls on your TravelSIM phone and save a lot of money. Note: call forwarding to TravelSIM will cost you as much as your operator charges for calls to Estonia (EU).

Get your local TravelSIM number (e.g. UK, Swiss,... number) and forward all your calls from your personal mobile number to your local TravelSIM number. Others will reach you on your personal mobile number even when you are abroad using TravelSIM and your forwarding cost will be minimal or even none, since you will be forwarding calls to your country number instead to TravelSIM estonian number!

Incoming calls to local TravelSIM number are charged 0,15 eur/min + VAT on your TravelSIM in more more than 138 countries with free incoming calls. In other countries add 0,15 eur/min + VAT to the incoming call tariff. Yearly subscription applies for extra local number.
VAT charges applies only to EU customers.
Big savings, cutting edge technology
With your local number you can receive and make calls via your personal moble number
Skype users with no Sykpe credit can call your TarvelSIM free of charge
No more huge bills for internet
Control costs. No contract, subscription or binding
Top up you account via handset or automatically
Coroporate account is a convinent solution for multiple cards

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