While travelling, call cheaper
it works?
Join more than 3,000,000 TravelSIM users and save your money.

TravelSIM is prepaid SIM card that drastically lowers your mobile roaming costs. Via call back technology it enables you to save up to 90% when calling and using mobile data in more than 190 countries. There are even free incoming calls in 140 countries. TravelSIM users call each other for only 0,19 eur/min. Calls within EU cost only 0,19 eur/min.

When do I receive my TravelSIM?
You order by clicking BUY TravelSIM. You receive your TravelSIM in the next few days.
Big savings, cutting edge technology
With your local number you can receive and make calls via your personal moble number
Skype users with no Sykpe credit can call your TarvelSIM free of charge
No more huge bills for internet
Control costs. No contract, subscription or binding
Top up you account via handset or automatically
Coroporate account is a convinent solution for multiple cards

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